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Van's Camera  Flash/Camera Set-up 01/18/2020 12-2 NEW  

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Name of Class:  Flash/Camera Set-Up

Length of Session:  2 Hours


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Van's Camera-Flash/Camera Set-up 01/18/2020 12-2 NEW-Classes
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Name of Class

Flash/Camera Set-Up

Class Topics



 "Flash Photography and Pre-flight Camera Set-up" (Two topics) You  won’t succeed until you understand how to intact with your camera’s settings, what they mean and what is best under each situation. Flash differs from ambient light significantly. Learn to use flash to achieve natural looking lighting and even how to blend ambient and flash light for the most natural looks. Preflight Camera set up and  Understanding Flash photography, are two topics everyone will face eventually. Learn: color space, file types and storage media; Workflow (including an overview of RAW processing) and the basics of great flash photography. with one or more flash units. This class finishes the camera controls and ambient and flash photo part of the series. The remaining classes put everything into practice.

Length of Session

2 Hours




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