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Van's Camera  The Path of the Image 02/01/2020 12-2 NEW  

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Name of Class:  The Path of the Image

Length of Session:  2 Hours


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Van's Camera-The Path of the Image 02/01/2020 12-2 NEW-Classes
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Name of Class

The Path of the Image

Class Topics

 "The Path of the Image" From conception to display, learn the key factors in each step of the process and how they relate to each other to insure that your output is perfect. The Path of the Image: This overview examines every stage of the process, from the moment you decide to photograph a subject until the final display decisions: understand every “fork in the road” to great images. Gain real-world working perspective and understanding of the artistic and technical issues and processes. Finding the subject, imagining the image in your  mind, capturing the image, editing and optimizing the image, preparation for printing/display, display and finish for impact!

Length of Session

2 Hours




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