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Are your most precious memories saved on unreliable sources?


What if they would be lost forever based on VHS tapes waring out?


Let Van’s Camera preserve these memories for generations to come with our VHS to DVD transfer services. Don’t trust these memories with anyone but Van’s, where our technicians are the most trusted in Canton. We offer the most reliable/professional VHS to DVD transfer services in the Canton area.


The standard VHS lasts anywhere from 10-15 years this is without consistent use. DVD’s are more durable and not outdated technology, as VHS tapes are becoming more obsolete as time goes on. At Van’s our Archival Gold DVD option is 100 year guaranteed.


As time continues it will become nearly impossible to find TVs compatible with the VHS players of the past. Let’s compare the VHS players of our recent past to the slide projectors of the more distant past, when was the last time you could find, let alone use a slide projector? (Van’s also offers slide to DVD transfer)


Once the VHS tapes are transferred to DVDs it is not only easier, but more economical to make copies of the recorded memoires for your family, and friends. Not only is it more convenient to play a DVD than a VHS tape it is nearly impossible to share a VHS tape digitally.



Bring your memories back to life:

What better gift is there than sharing precious family memories? Do not put of preserving them any longer. Imagine gifting your spouse a DVD of your wedding for your anniversary. This memory, without digital transfer would be nearly impossible to play, but with help from Van’s is as easy as hitting play on your at home DVD player. Do not lose access to your children’s dance recitals, birthday parties, or old home videos, because technology is out of date.




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